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3 Stupid Simple Golf Tips

Understanding your golf swing is one of the first things you need to know about golf.  In this short tips based article, we will explore what the experts say about two of the most confounding issues of the game. That being getting more distance along with some powerful grip related tips.

First of all, it is important not to overdo it with tips based online articles. Like so many things online, without proper discernment it’s very easy to get lost in the rough 🙂  The experts at Golf for Beginners on put it best:

golf-tips I am a proponent of professional golf instruction – meeting with a teacher and getting help with your game works for golfers from beginners through to the best in the world (even Tiger Woods needs an instructor).But, what differences does a face-to-face experience offer vs a magazine article ….or, can we essentially learn proper technique either way? With more and more posting golf blogs, articles from renowned players and teachers, and videos, it would seem that an online tutorial can also help your game, however…Read More…

Now that got that out of the way it’s time for the first distance related tip.

Simple #Golf Tips for More Distance

golf-tips-1Every golfer wants more distance, right? While trying to come up with a golf blog that resonates with almost every player this week, although accuracy is of utmost importance, if you can’t get down the fairway, you won’t be able to score.”Simple” is better. Golfers tend to remember easy golf tips and to unknowinglyincorporate them while at the range or on the course. Golf for Beginners was originally conceived of by my husband, Barry, and myself as a way to break down complicated tips into simple thoughts. Read More

Last, Adam Scott has this to say about strengthening your putting by strengthening your putting grip.

Adam Scott knows his weakness is putting, according to a article, and knowledge is power. He continues to strengthen the “grip” he has on this essential flaw in his golf game by testing new putters, grips and even methods of putting (at one time, Scott was known for using the belly putter).Note: Golf for Beginners also suggests reading: Which Golf Clubs Can I Use as a Putter?The difference between Adam Scott and the average golfer is that many of us are not at that level of expertise to be able to know that we have a fault and be willing to change it nor do most of us ever

If you have any tips you’d like us to explore in future content please drop us a line.

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